Get The Most Out of Your Audio Guest Book at Your Wedding

Get The Most Out of Your Audio Guest Book at Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Memory Muses Audio Guest Books can help make it even more special by helping you capture the voices of your loved ones in a unique and lasting way.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your audio guest book:

Setting Up Your Audio Guest Book

When setting up your audio guest book, do it near the entrance to your reception so that guests can easily find it. We provide PDF templates for signs that you can print, and they are nice and big: 8" x 10", which makes sure they are noticeable and readable. Print out a sign, put it in a nice frame, and set that next to your guest book so people can't miss it. Audio guest books aren't as noticeable as a photo booth, so be sure to put yours somewhere noticeable.

It is also a good idea to be conscious of the music that will be playing during the evening. Ideally the phone is placed somewhere that is not directly near a speaker, so your guests' voices aren't drowned out by the music when the party starts.

Announce the Audio Guest Book

Make sure to announce that you're recording in the guest book. This will prompt guests to leave their best wishes and messages in a voice recording. Mention it to your guests in an email before your wedding day, so they know to look for it. Coordinate with your DJ so they periodically announce it as the night goes on. Have your MC mention it before dinner, so everyone knows to go find it. The more you announce the audio guest book to your guests, they more they will know to find it and record their message on it.

Ask Your Guests To Introduce Themselves

When you record your greeting, ask your guests to introduce themselves before leaving their message. This will help you remember who said what later on. For example this greeting is straight forward, and asks for both the guest's name and their message:

"Hi, this is Rachel and Ben. We're getting married! Please leave your name and your message after the beep."

Also have your DJ and MC to give your guests some ideas for their messages, and be sure to mention that everyone should also leave their name before recording their message.

Appoint a Wrangler

Have someone to manage the guest book will ensure that everyone who wants to leave a message, gets a chance to do so. They can hang out by the phone during the reception, then randomly ask folks if they have left a message at the phone yet, after the dinner and during the evening's festivities.


Your audio guest book is a lasting reminder of your wedding day. Enjoy listening to it again and again for years to come.

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