Your next gift will be unforgettable

Looking for a unique and special way to commemorate a birthday? Memory Muses has the perfect solution – an audio guest book!

This innovative guest book allows friends and family to record personal messages that can be cherished for years to come.

Whether it's a special birthday milestone or simply a way to create lasting memories, Memory Muses' audio guest book is a must-have!

Hear some messages from my mom's 78th birthday gift

We brought the rotary phone to different households around Vancouver and Richmond. I shared the virtual phone number with friends and family that lived out of the province, like California and Washington. In about one week we gathered about 30 messages. The messages were loaded as MP3 files on to one of our Mini Radios. We sat down with family after dinner one night while mom listened to all the voices of her friends and family. She loved the gift so much. 🥹

How to Give the Unforgettable Gift of Voice Messages

  • Send the phone number to all your friends and family. Email it, send it by text message. Get it to everyone who matters.
  • Collect meaningful messages and tributes for the birthday celebrant. Your number is available to you for four weeks.
  • Give your unforgettable gift via a web link or with one of our Mini Radios. We deliver all the messages in MP3 format.

An audio guest book is the perfect birthday gift for:

  • Elderly parents. Give a gift that celebrates them and reminds them of how loved they are.
  • The person who has everything. The gift of memories and love is one that is priceless.
  • Your teacher or professor. Collect messages of love from everybody in the class.
  • Your young child. Capture early, precious memories as a time capsule to be listened to for years to come.

Ready to book? Questions?

Where can you use a Memory Muse?

anywhere you want to preserve and share a message of love, or a story:

The perfect gift to preserve unforgettable memories for people going away to college, baby showers, senior birthdays, celebrations of life, and much, much more.