Commemorate your loved one forever

Looking for a unique and special way to remember someone special? Gather loving remembrances from everyone in their life.

We know how important it is to keep our loved ones close to us, even after they're gone. That's why we created Memory Muses, to preserve loving memories forever.

With Memory Muses voice messages, create a lasting tribute to commemorate your loved one.

Remember them forever

  • Share the phone number with everyone who touched their lives.
  • If they are still with us, have them record a message to everyone to remember them by.
  • Listen to all the support and outpouring of love. Cherish those messages, and even the voice of your loved one, forever.

A tribute to celebrate their life forever:

  • Give everyone the chance to say goodbye.
  • A unique opportunity to create something truly special to honor someone who has passed away.
  • Share the messages with your close community and honor your loved one together.

Ready to book? Questions?

Where can you use a Memory Muse?

anywhere you want to preserve and share a message of love, or a story:

The perfect gift to preserve unforgettable memories for people going away to college, baby showers, senior birthdays, celebrations of life, and much, much more.